Big Damn Master Post

So this is my big master post for all my fics. There's only a fraction here right now, since I lost a lot of my old Harry Potter and Vampire Chronicle fics when my computer died two years ago (and while we're on that, if anyone still has them saved, could you please get in touch?) but everything else will be gradually added here. So, enjoy!

P.S. Some of these links will take you to my profile at FFN until I have the time to transfer everything.

Various Fandom Cycles:

Slashmas Advent 2011 Master Post ~
25 fics for the 25 days of xmas. Starts Dec 1st. [Various pairings, Various Fandoms] COMPLETE!

Slashmas Advent 2010 Master Post ~ 25 fics for the 25 days of xmas. Starts Dec 1st. [Various pairings, Various Fandoms]

Slashmas Advent 2009 Master Post ~ 25 fics for the 25 days of xmas. Starts Dec 1st. [Various pairings, Various Fandoms]

Slashmas Advent 2008 Master Post ~ Incomplete. 25 fics for the 25 days of xmas. [Various pairings, Various Fandoms]

All Other Fics:

Doctor Who

Death of a Time Traveller ~ Jack's always there, and always will be. The Captain's take on the aftermath of the Doctor's passing. [JackDoctor]

Edge of Battle ~ On the edge of battle, you can see the truth. Drabble. [10Jack if you squint]


Teamwork ~ Genma and Iruka take a leaf out of Kakashi's book. [PG-13, GenIruKaKa]

The Bet ~ Kakashi and Iruka make a bet, but the copy-nin lost. Now he has to pay. Crack. [R, IruKaka]

Bingo Card Master Post ~ Master post for the mini bingo round at kakairu_fest</lj>

Gundam Wing

Jukebox Cycle Master Post ~ A jukebox of song based drabbles for each of the boys. [Gundam Wing, 6X2 6x3 6X4 6X1 6x5]

Between Equals Master Post ~ The story of two boys, how they came to change the world, and what became of them after. [Gundam Wing, 13X6]

Enjoyable Experiment ~ The first time. [NC-17,13x6]

Local Boy ~ Quatre is dead and Trowa isn't taking it well. Zechs tries to help. [3x4, suggested 3x6]

BeginningEnding ~ Two snippets from Zechs' past. [13x6]

Harry Potter
Autumn and Winter ~ Five years after the war, Remus and Draco meet again. Slash served with a side of crack. [RemusDraco, rendered AU by time]

Learn to be Lonely ~ Draco-centric, post war, song fic. You don't appriciate what you've got until its gone. [WARNING: Character death]

Finger Trap ~  Harry laments over Remus' silence. Postwar drabble. [PG-13. RemusSirius, HarryDraco]

Cracking ~ Sirius is dead, and Remus is starting to loose it. Post-OotP. [Suggested SiriusRemus]

Hands and Knees ~ Remus goes to pay for his wolfsbane potion in trade. Post-OotP. [ SnapeRemus, suggested RemusSirius. WARNING: SLASH, Non-Con.]

Objects in the Rearview Mirror ~ Sirus and Remus can't sleep, and old memories come back to haunt them. [SBRL. Post-GoF, Post-OotP, some MWPP-era.]

Legends of the Raven

Obsession Denied ~ For Denser, Ilkar has become an obsession. [ErienneDenser. Suggested DenserIlkar]

Of Elves and Hangovers ~ Set during the gap between NoonShade and NightChild. Denser, unwilling to return to his Collage after a visit to Korina, accompanies Ilkar to Julatsa. This is what happens the morning after one night on that journey. [IlkarDenser]

Vampire Chronicles

Advent 2002: Dec 5th ~ Total crack fic starring Louis, Lestat & Armand. Brought to you by the colour blue.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rebel Rebel ~ Held captive by the Initative, Ethan remembers the first time he met his Ripper. [GilesEthan]

Lord of the Rings

Love of Thy Father ~ ON HIATUS

Advent 2011 Master Post


Written for adventchallenge's 2011 Winter Challenge

Dec 01:  All I Want (FFVII, RxR)
Dec 02:  Let it Snow (FFVII)
Dec 03:  Only You (GW, 6x13)
Dec 04:  Santa, Baby (Teahouse)
Dec 05:  Assorted Icons
Dec 06:  What I Need (Teahouse)
Dec 07:  Gift (Original, Photo)
Dec 08:  Santa Dementor (Harry Potter, Photo)
Dec 09:  Christmas Pudding (Original, Photo)
Dec 10:  What's This? (Original, ScurraxLaurai)
Dec 11:  Cold Outside (GW, 6x2)
Dec 12:  Silent Night (GW, 6x2)
Dec 13:  Unfaithful (GW, 1x2, 6x2)
Dec 14:  Bahumbug (GW, 3x4)
Dec 15:  Christmas Past [1/2] (GW, 13x6)
Dec 16:  Christmas Past [2/2] (GW, 13x6)
Dec 17:  Dancing (OHSHC, KxT)
Dec 18:  Things You Never Knew (FFVII)
Dec 19:  Pay Back (FFVII)
Dec 20:  Wonderful Time (GW)
Dec 21:  Mistletoe (HP, RxS)
Dec 22:  No Room at the Inn (Saiyuki)
Dec 23:  Snow Fight (Naruto, KakaIru)
Dec 24:  Useful Gifts (FFVII)
Dec 25:  Home for Christmas (VC, LxL)
Great perversion

kakairu_fest Bingo Card Master Post

Because my 30_hugs challenge was apparently not enough, I've signed up to do a mini bingo round over at kakairu_fest! Posting has already begun, so wish me luck as I need to connect 3, or make a X, + or blackout all the squares to complete this challenge.

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Master Post! Advent 2010

My adventchallenge Master post for 2010. Watch this space for updates.

December 1st: When...? (Ouran, TamaKyou, PG)
December 2nd:
Carol of the Bells (Saiyuki, Gojyo/Hakkai, PG)

December 3rd:
Get Out of the Cold (Trinity Blood, Abel, Leon, U)
December 4th:
Coming Home for Christmas 1 (Gundam Wing, 6x2, 13x6)
December 5th:
Lovely (Ouran, TamaKyou, PG)

Unused Prompts from 2009
# Gojyo/Hakkai [Saiyuki], Carol of the Bells jinxaire  DONE
# KenrenXGojun [Saiyuki Gaiden]. purpleicicles 
# Hakkai/(Gojun or Gojyo) [Saiyuki], 12 Days of Christmas. sanzo_chama 
# Kakashi/Iruka [Naruto], Caroling with the dogs. lychee1968 
# Arthur/Adult!Mordred(/Merlin) [Merlin], pic in comments. babydracky 
# Crowley/Aziraphale [Good Omens], Christmas Tree. fallen_iceangel 
# Kakashi/Iruka [Naruto], Red string/garland. pura_plc 
# Ten/Jack [DW], Tinsel. reichan28 
# Iruka/Kakashi [Naruto], Longest night. lychee1968 
# Methos [Highlander], Three Magi. alice_montrose 
# Dee/Ryo [FAKE], All I Want for Christmas is You. punday 
# ZechsXTreize [GW], Blazing fire, A.C. 197, miricle ~ Karina

There was more info here but lj is a dick and I'm tired.

Advent 2009 Master Post

EDIT: My list is now FULL! Many thanks to everyone who requested a fic. Please feel free to friend me or go to adventchallenge to view your fics on the days appointed.

Okay, this is the deal.

Every year I do my best to post a fic a day for the 25 days running up to, and including, Christmas day. I have only managed this once, the first year I tried, and this year I want input from all you lovely people out there in the Land of Fandom to complete my multi-fandom challenge. What do you really want to see when you open the calander door??

Gimme your best shot! Pick a day and give me a xmas song/poem/image/word or even just and pairing or prop.

The Advent Calander 2009:
  1. HERE Remus/Sirius [HP], Candy cane. wolfie_kaynine 
  2. HERE Zechs/Duo [GW], Cookies. ddraigcoch
  3. HERE Nine/Jack [DW]. yamx 
  4. HERE Sanzo/Hakkai [Saiyuki]. seshats_prodigy 
  5. HERE Genma/Raidou [Naruto], Five gold rings. bshiranui 
  6. HERE Boromir, Faramir [LotR], Presents. yamx
  7. HERE Arthur/Merlin [Merlin]. rose_walker22
  8. HERE Harry/Draco [HP], Snow. sora_roxas_ven 
  9. HERE & HERE Furba (any) [Fruits Basket]. rose_walker22 Candy Cane. bshiranui
  10. HERE Ten/Jack [DW]. sora_roxas_ven
  11. HERE Hakkai (poss. Gojyo) [Saiyuki], Frost on the window. chomiji 
  12. HERE Remus/Sirius [HP], Hot chocolate. missgryff 
  13. Gojyo/Hakkai [Saiyuki], Carol of the Bells. jinxaire 
  14. KenrenXGojun [Saiyuki Gaiden]. purpleicicles
  15. Hakkai/(Gojun or Gojyo) [Saiyuki], 12 Days of Christmas. sanzo_chama
  16. Kakashi/Iruka [Naruto], Caroling with the dogs. lychee1968 
  17. Arthur/Adult!Mordred(/Merlin) [Merlin], pic in comments. babydracky 
  18. Crowley/Aziraphale [Good Omens],  Christmas Tree. fallen_iceangel 
  19. Kakashi/Iruka [Naruto], Red string/garland. pura_plc 
  20. Ten/Jack [DW], Tinsel. reichan28 
  21. Iruka/Kakashi [Naruto], Longest night. lychee1968 
  22. Methos [Highlander], Three Magi. alice_montrose 
  23. Dee/Ryo [FAKE], All I Want for Christmas is You. punday 
  24. ZechsXTreize [GW], Blazing fire, A.C. 197, miricle ~ Karina
These guys are also doing varying Advents this year: rose_walker22, babydrackyseshats_prodigywolfie_kayninealice_montrose. Give them all the help you can!

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Hi everyone!

Just a quick note to let you all know that Advent Challenge is opening its doors again to all you yuletide writers, artists, crafters and cosplayers!

We're a friendly multi fandom challenge, with one simple premise - we want you to post one thing a day, every day, from December 1st to December 25th. Lets give our fandoms the gift of new fan fiction and art this holiday season!

Sign ups are now open for the 2013 Winter round over on the LJ group, and more details can be found on our FAQ!

Note: I appologise if this message isn't welcome in your group. Please feel free to delete it.

Sign Ups Open!


Hi all! Just a quick post to let any and all interested parties know that adventchallenge has reopened its doors for it's Winter Round! We're a multi-fandom challenge, open and friendly to all ships so come along and help spread the holiday spirit!

For more information and to sign up just click here or on the image above!

Advent Challenge Summer Round

Hi everyone!

I can hardly believe Summer is already nearing an end, but before it disappears there's time for a few more days in the sun, another convention or two and at least one more Challenge to answer!

adventchallenge is opening it's doors for a laid back Summer challenge with it's Improv Round! There's no extended commitment and no need to sign up, just swing by and see if a prompt takes your fancy. Click the banner to go to the challenge

Want to suggest some summer-themed prompts? Go here.

My Personal Reccomendations

So I have a lot of friends who like to read fanfiction. Like anyone else in this corner of the internet they can sometimes run out of things to read. Since life is too short to read bad fanfiction (50 Shades of Grey is proof of this) here's my list of some of the best fics I've found over the last couple of years broken down by fandom.*

Harry Potter

Super by remolupin [SiriusxRemus]
A nice little one-shot AU where the Marauders are superheros. I liked this one quite a lot, and it's ending made me smile.

A Recipe in Four Parts by zelousprince [SiriusxRemus, JamesxLilly]
In which Remus is an accountant with a bike, Sirius is a baker with an attitude problem, James has a broken oven, Lilly is to be feared and Harry likes to play with dinosaurs.

The Northern Line by Ceredwen [SiriusxRemus, JamesxLilly]
My favorite AU fic in this fandom. Just... Go, read it and enjoy the ride that is Sirius Black's internal monologue.

Good Will by imparfait [SiriusxRemus]
A brief one-shot about James discovering Sirius and Remus' relationship.

A Blonde on my Trail by dear_tiger [SiriusxRemus]
Heartbreaking look at Remus' life after Halloween 1981 and how Rita Skeeter cut her teeth.

[The problem with shipping IrukaxKakashi is that the pairing attracts so many good writers! I'll spend a weekend on this one at some point!]

As Time Goes By by Zhang Sizheng
That rare beast, a fic dealing with Jiriya and Kakashi's shared past. Funny and sad at the same time, I throughly enjoyed this one. A must for Jiriya fans.

Appitite by panda_shi

Lord of the Rings

A Little Nudge Out The Door by Jocelyn
A funny, touching and dramatic story of Legolas' coming of age complete with running away, mighty battles, drunken friends and tragic loss. This one has been on my favorites list since before floppy disks disappeared.

Tell Me the Tale by epkitty [GlorfindelxErestor]


Perfume by Mariphasa Hecatene

The Fight by AbominableDante

Love Me Like Music by despina_moon

Ouran Highschool Host Club

On a Champagne High by Measured

Doctor Who

Stuck on the Slow Path Series by sarkywoman


FAKE First Year Together by brit_columbia
A New Day (May)
Justice June (June) - ONGOING

Delicate by IrishLeFey

Final Fantasy VII

Extremely Impolite by septimalShenanigans

Rude Brings Reno Home for Solstice by epkitty

The Things You Never Knew About People by joudama

Winding Down by notraffic

What? by greyout

Untitled Fic by Badger


How to Lose a Super Soldier in One Easy Step by and_backagain and jibralis

Haaave You Met Steve? by theapplepielifestyle

Buy You A Mockingbird by jadedoll

Guardian of the Arc by I_Weave_Dreams

Independence Day by Settiai

Homefront by copperbadge

Many Names in History, None of Them Are Ours by aubkae

A Very Proffessional Job by leashy_bebes

The Toasterverse by scifigrl47
A beast of a read, but well worth it. Was actually the first StevexTony I read, keeping true to my habit of finding awesome fics of epic length and spending the rest of my time in the fandom trying (and failing) to find something better. Below are first the series that make up the toasterverse then the one shots.

Tales of the Bots
Phil Coulson's Case Files of the Toasterverse
In Which Tony Stark Builds Himself Some Friends (But His Family Was Assigned by Nick Fury)
Some Things Shouldn't Be A Chore
Before the Storm, There is Peace

*This list is and probably never will be final. It will be updated whenever I get the chance.